Ferrite Rod Cores



Ferrite Rod Cores

R Series


Ferrite Rod Core (R series) is a cylindrical ferrite core, can be easily assembly with a spring coil or wind wire directly. It's widely used for radio antenna, LF/HF RFID antenna, choke coil, inductor, DC power filter, DC signal filter and transformer. Due to the open magnetic structure, the core can accept large DC bias before saturate.




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For RFID applications, the core can be used for LF(125KHz/134.2KHz) and HF(13.56MHz) RFID tags/transponders like glass tag for animal tracking, keyfob for access control and pigeon ring for bird identification. The rod ferrite core is winding to be an antenna inside the tag. Due to the rod ferrite core concentrate the magnetic flux in one direction with reader, the read range can be longer and antenna size can be smaller than air coil.



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